Why does Poway need a ladder truck?
While it is true that Poway does not have many tall buildings, there are a few multistory structures in town such as Pomerado Hospital, the medical center behind the hospital, a multistory hotel, a number of apartment complexes, and some large industrial buildings that are set back from the street in the Poway Business Park. Although most people believe that the large aerial ladder is used only for tall buildings, it can also be used for horizontal reach as well.

The ladder truck also carries an assortment of equipment not normally carried on a fire engine. Some of this equipment includes additional ground ladders that can reach higher locations than ladders found on a typical fire engine, the Jaws of Life and other assorted extrication equipment for people trapped in their cars due to automobile accidents, forcible entry tools, generators and lights to illuminate an emergency scene, rope rescue gear for cars that plunge down steep embankments, and salvage equipment to help protect valuables and other important items from smoke and/or water damage. The ladder truck also has the capability of responding to medical emergencies with at least 1 paramedic on board when other fire department units are responding to other emergency calls.

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