Development Services

Development Services is divided into 9 sections:

The department administers and implements the City's planning, land use, building, and engineering functions. Other activities include providing customer service for all permit activities at one location, developing land use ordinances and various specific plans, and reviewing development plans. This ensures that a sound and workable development program is designed and maintained for the City.

  1. City of Poway Online Services WebsiteUse City of Poway Online Services to complete and submit permit applications, plans, apply for business certificates, regulatory licenses and more. Effective June 1, 2022, only electronic submittals will be accepted.

Capital Improvement, Development & General Plan

Department staff complete inspections of all capital improvement and development projects. Staff also manages land subdivision, traffic safety, and design and transportation activities. In conjunction with the City Council, the department is responsible for the implementation of the City’s General Plan. Department staff provides assistance to other departments with regard to planning and designing public facilities and performing environmental review for proposed projects, including Capital Improvement Projects.

The department manages engineering conceptual designs, monitors and reviews environmental documents, administers building safety programs, maintains demographic information, researches and analyzes policy alternatives, and serves as a liaison between members of the public and other departments involved in processing development applications.

Storm Water Management

The department is part of the Storm Water Management Administration and is actively educating the business community on the prevention of discharge of pollutants into the storm drain system. The City's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program works with residents and businesses to help them learn the Best Management Practices (BMPs) to follow, so pollution does not go from their business via the storm drains into our creeks, lakes, rivers, and the ocean.