City Records

The City Clerk’s Office is the custodian of official records and is responsible for the conservation of the permanent records. As the city historian the City Clerk is to support the city’s legislative bodies by recording and maintaining the official records and legislative history of the city, and provide a wide range of public information to elected officials, appointed bodies, public citizens, and city staff.

Documents & Records

The citywide Records Management Program, established in 2006 is a division of the City Clerk’s Office. The division handles the systematic control of all city department documents from creation to disposal in compliance with state, federal and local regulations. The control of government records is essential to provide access to information, reduce paperwork, dispose of obsolete records and maintain historical city records

In addition, the inventory of documents stored off-site are managed and maintained by this division.

Our mission is to provide ready access of public records to the public at any time and providing the records online assists in achieving that goal. Our practice is to continually increase the number of records available to the public by providing imaged electronic records.

City Documents Online

Records available online through the City Clerk’s Office at this time are the following:
  • City Council Agenda Packets 1980-present
  • City Council Minutes 1980-present
  • Ordinances 1980-present
  • Resolutions 1980-present
  • Oversight Board Agenda and Minutes 2012-present
  • Council Appointed Committee Agenda and Minutes 2007-present
Various resource materials such as the General Plan, 2010 Urban Water Management Plan, Old Poway Specific Plan are also available online. Additional responsibilities are codification of the City Ordinances into the Municipal Code, including quality checks and distribution of the code.

Requests for Public Records

The City Clerk’s Office is the department of contact for all requests for public records. Requests for information and records can be made in the following ways:
  • By using the online Public Records Request form.
  • By completing the Public Records Request form in person at the City Clerk’s Office located in City Hall at 13325 Civic Center Drive, Poway, CA 92064
  • By submitting the Public Records Request form available on the City website and faxing the request to 858-668-1206
  • By mailing your request via US Mail to the City of Poway, City Clerk’s Office, PO Box 789, Poway, CA 92074
  • By telephone: Simply request the information from the City Clerk’s Office staff directly

Public Records Act

Per California Government Code Section 6250, et seq. Public Records Act, staff has 10 days to respond to your request whether records have been identified. Questions regarding requests can be directed to 858-668-4530 or via email. Submitting a complete request aids in producing the documents in a timely fashion.

Please be as specific as possible by providing as much information as you have available to establish what records are being requested. Please provide information such as names, address, APN, time frame or time span, and what kind of document (e.g. if only looking for the agreement state that on the request).

Duplication Fees

The Public Records Act allows the city to charge the direct costs of duplication of public records with a copy charge of $0.10 each page (per side) for standard legal sheets of paper, $15.00 per page for plans/drawings, and DVDs of the City Council meetings are $1.00. Actual postage and copy fees will be collected from requestor prior to mailing; if required to mail documents.

Fair Political Practices Commission filings are $0.10 per page (per side) regardless of quantity. Examples of these filings are Candidate Campaign Contribution Statements, and Statement of Economic Interest Form 700 filings for City Council and city staff.

Poway Municipal Code

Poway Municipal Code is hosted by Code Publishing and available on the city’s website. It is updated by the publishing company as ordinances are adopted; they are posted to the website immediately after adoption even though it may not take effect for 30 days.