Winter Storms

To report flooding or downed trees:
Call 858-668-4700 during business hours
or 858-668-4751 during non-business hours

Road Closures: For up to date information on road closures due to storms, download the Poway CityApp (free at your app store) and click on the "News" icon. Also look for notifications from the City of Poway on Nextdoor, X (Twitter) and Facebook.

Sandbag Location & Availability

There are three locations where the city provides empty sandbags and loose sand for residential use. Please bring a shovel to fill sandbags. We will post updates on our social media channels as available.

Sandbag locations:

Be "Winter Wise" by Preparing for Storms

Every winter we should take time to prepare for storms because they can result in flooding and mudslides. Private property owners are responsible for maintaining the drainage courses, storm drains, and creeks located on their property or easement so that water is transported away from homes to prevent flooding. City staff maintains drainage courses on public property. With proper preparation and maintenance, both staff and residents will ensure our city is prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store for us. The following are suggested actions to prepare for storms.

Prepare in Advance

  • Inspect, clean, and repair rain gutters, roof tops, and yard drains.
  • Clear private drainage channels and brow ditches of landscape material and debris since they are routinely carried into storm drains and plug the drainage courses.
  • Place plastic sheeting, secured with sandbags, over sections of disturbed soil to prevent erosion.

Protect your property before it rains! If winter storm patterns are severe, the city will provide free, unfilled sandbags and sand for emergency use. Sandbags can also be purchased at building material stores in the area.