What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, checks, and money orders are accepted. Payment options can be found on the Pay Your Bill page. At the current time, we are unable to accept debit or credit cards for payments made in person.

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1. How do I establish service for water?
2. What forms of payment are accepted?
3. What if I want to pay my water bill on the closed Friday?
4. I just returned from vacation and discovered that my water service has been locked off because I forgot to pay my bill. I need my water service turned back on and it’s a closed Friday; what do I do?
5. I moved into my new residence on a closed Friday, and there is no water service at my residence. How can I get service established today?
6. I need to obtain a construction hydrant meter. Can I do this on a closed Friday?
7. Who do I contact for a water emergency on a closed Friday?
8. Can I pay my water bill on the city’s website?
9. When is the water bill mailed, and when is it due?
10. How are water and sewer rates calculated?
11. Does the City provide financial assistance for filling a pool?