How often is camping available at Lake Poway Park?

Camping at Lake Poway is considered a special events, and only available on specific dates during each season. We offer camping in Spring, Fall, and Family Campouts in the Summer. Camping is not offered in the Winter. 

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1. Can I camp in an RV?
2. Are there hookups for my RV?
3. Can I bring my pet?
4. How often is camping available at Lake Poway Park?
5. What is the difference between the Spring, Fall, Family, and Themed Campouts?
6. Will the gates be open all night?
7. Can I bring an additional vehicle?
8. Will the campout be cancelled due to weather conditions?
9. Can I reserve specific areas in the park?
10. Are fire pits permitted at campouts?
11. Can I bring my personal grill?
12. Is food provided at the campouts?
13. Can I set up my tent and leave the park?
14. Will there be a staff member on site throughout the event?
15. Is alcohol permitted at the campouts?
16. Are there electrical outlets that campers can use?