What methods can I use to manage the vegetation?
Mowing and weed whipping are the acceptable methods of cutting weeds. Weeds and grasses should be cut low to the ground while leaving the roots intact to prevent erosion. Dead shrubs and trees must be removed from the property altogether and may require the use of hand held saws. Any vegetation abatement operator using mechanical equipment must have immediate access to an operable fire extinguisher.

Spraying with a weed killer is not a satisfactory form of vegetation management, as it leaves an abundance of dried weeds that create a fire hazard.
  • Disking – Because of recent restrictions placed by the State Regional Water Quality Control Board, disking is no longer an acceptable method of vegetation management.
  • Goats – Goats are not an acceptable method of vegetation management because they tend to only eat some plants, while leaving others behind. Also, if not properly controlled, they range into areas not specified in our Vegetation Management Program, destroying valuable native habitats and exposing you to costly fines!

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1. What is vegetation management?
2. I received notice that my property needs active vegetation management. Where is the management required?
3. What about native vegetation?
4. What methods can I use to manage the vegetation?
5. What happens if I don’t finish before the deadline?