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Request Payment Plan Arrangement for Water & Sewer Bill

  1. We understand that customers may occasionally fall behind on bills, and we are available to work with our customers to set up a payment plan arrangement. Businesses, homeowners and tenants can apply for a payment plan that, while in good standing, allows up to one year to pay a past due amount on their water/sewer bill without penalties or service disconnection if the terms and conditions are met. A down payment may be required depending on the balance owed and length of time requested.

    If your address has been tagged with a disconnection notice, please contact our office at 858-668-4401.

    Please complete your account information below:

  2. Please enter your account number as it appears on your bill, including the dash. 

  3. Confirmation of your payment will be sent to this email.

  4. Payment plans will be consolidated with your regular bimonthly bill. Please specify how many payments you are requesting. 

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