Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Readiness

The City's climate, vegetation, topography, and large amount of open space puts the community at risk for wildfires. This risk grows in the summer and fall seasons when Santa Ana winds are typically present. No matter how prepared the Poway Fire Department is to respond to a wildfire, we need your help. Property owners and residents are encouraged to take steps to better prepare for and lessen the impacts of wildfire. 

Use the Ready, Set, Go wildfire action plan to prepare yourself, your family, and your home for wildfire. 

Get Ready!

There are three ways your home can be exposed to wildfire: through flying embers, direct flame contact, and radiant heat exposure. Get ready for wildfire by taking steps to harden your home and to create defensible space will reduce the chances of ignition from an approaching wildfire.

Get Set!Wildfire Action Plan

Be prepared to act before a wildfire threatens your home. Get set by creating an evacuation plan that considers all members of your household. Put together an emergency supply kit in case of immediate evacuation.


Give your household the best chance of surviving a wildfire by getting ready to go and evacuating early. When a wildfire threatens, if time allows take important steps to prepare for an evacuation.