Swim Lessons

Registration for Spring Swim Lessons will be on March 5, 2024.

Registration Information

  1. Please adhere to age requirements for the different class levels.
  2. Please note swim lessons skill requirements for the different level classes. Testing available at the pool during open swim hours by appointment only.
  3. Students who are enrolled for a class either above or below their ability level will be dropped from the class if no other class is available.
  4. If you cannot make the class on the first day, please call 858-668-4680 to make sure that you are not dropped.
  5. Please register online or in person at the Community Services Department at City Hall. The Swim Center is not able to enroll participants onsite. 

For more registration information, please call 858-668-4570. If you have questions about lessons, call us at 858-668-4680.


Swim Lessons

Assessment Information

Don't know what class to sign up for? Make an appointment to have a free swim lesson assessment. It is highly recommended for determining the appropriate placement for participants. Appointments for for swim lessons assessments can be made after the class listing is posted for the Spring on February 20. Please call 858-668-4680.

Waiting List Information

Can't find space in the class you're looking for? On the registration page, you have the option to add participants to the waitlist. In the event space becomes available, we will contact you with the phone number provided. Please do not show up on the 1st day if you are not contacted, as it will not increase your odds of being placed into a class. New classes may be created based on instructor availability and pool space.