Joint Apprenticeship Committee

In November 2002, the Poway Fire Department and Poway Firefighters Association, Local 3922, signed subscription agreements to participate in the California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) program. The CFFJAC is a joint apprenticeship program because both management and labor organizations support it. The primary goal of the CFFJAC is to improve the quantity and quality of training for professional firefighters.

The department's Training and Professional Development Program supports CFFJAC and may encompass the same training and professional development activities. The department's Annual Training Plan provides the foundation of training the apprentice can work from. CFFJAC apprentices must document all training and professional development activities in the department's record management system. The department's record management system translates and generates the required CFFJAC Monthly Training Report for each apprentice.

CFFJAC Handbook

Enrolled apprentices will be provided a CFFJAC Handbook to assist them with meeting all the obligations of the apprenticeship program. This handbook includes:

  • Apprenticeship Agreement
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Occupation Descriptions
  • Subject Codes
  • Instructions for Completing Training Reports
  • Training Reports - Blank
  • Training Reports - Completed