Rack Storage Requirements

All rack storage greater than 8 feet requires a permit through the City of Poway Building Department prior to installation. This will insure proper design methods required for the minimum compliance of seismic anchoring, structural design, and load bearing capabilities, as well as proper aisle spacing and related exiting requirements.

Once rack storage reaches 12 feet in height, an annual permit from the Fire Department is required to maintain high-piled combustible storage. Special attention is given to the commodity (what is being stored), the density of the fire sprinkler system, shelving, aisles, and longitudinal and transverse flue spaces.


  • Aisle: The designated floor space separating rows of rack storage as well as the end cap of a row of rack storage.
  • Commodity: A combination of products, packing materials, and containers to be stored on racks.
  • High-piled Combustible Storage: Storage of combustible materials on pallets, on racks or on shelf's where the top of storage is greater than 12-feet.
  • Longitudinal Flue Space: The space between back-to-back rows of rack storage or between the rack and wall perpendicular to the direction of loading.
  • Solid Shelving: Shelving located within racks that obstruct fire sprinkler water penetration through the racks.
  • Transverse Flue Space: The space between rows of storage parallel to the direction of loading.

Permitting Process

Begin the permit process at the counter of Development Services. Obtain a permit application with the Building Division. Planning Department approval is required for zoning purposes. Building Division plan submittals are now submitted online:

SUBMIT Permit application ONLINE

  1. City of Poway Online Services WebsiteUse City of Poway Online Services to complete and submit permit applications, plans, apply for business certificates, regulatory licenses and more. Effective June 1, 2022, only electronic submittals will be accepted.