Rebate Opportunities

Save money while saving water! The City of Poway offers water conservation rebates through the SoCal WaterSmart program. Take advantage of the available incentives, rebates, and resources offered to our residential customers today. To apply for a rebate and for more information regarding the residential rebate program, please visit

Rotor Sprinkler

Rebates for Water Conserving Resources

  • Irrigation equipment
  • Soil moisture sensors
  • Rain barrels and cisterns
  • High-efficiency washing machines
  • High-efficiency toilets

Learn how to improve outdoor landscape and indoor water use efficiency with a free water use survey through the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). The survey offers homeowners recommendations to reduce water waste and make their homes more efficient.

residential water survey website

Free Water Use Survey

  • Assesses irrigation efficiency
  • Determine the proper landscape watering schedule
  • Identify potential leaks
  • Recommend water conserving devices

Please Note: Rebate amounts can change without notice. Funding is limited and not guaranteed. Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Rebate amounts and eligible devices are subject to change without notice.