Message From the Chief

On behalf of the men and women of the City of Poway Fire Department, I welcome you to our website.

Our Mission
Our mission is to reduce the loss of life and property from fire, medical, and environmental emergencies through education, hazard reduction, and response.

We strive to meet and improve upon the goals as set forth in our mission statement and to provide the highest level of customer service to the citizens of our community.

Management Philosophy
The fire department management team functions under the highest ethical standards in the execution of its responsibilities and exemplifies the following ideals when dealing with personnel and the public:
  • Open and honest communication at all times
  • Mutual respect
  • Honor of the public trust as stewards of the community
Our management team recognizes that the achievements of the organization depend upon the success of our personnel. We endeavor to provide all available resources needed for personal growth while recognizing that our personnel have also committed to accomplishing the organizational goals.

On behalf of all of the men and women of the Poway Fire Department, it is an honor and a privilege to serve the community of Poway.