Sprinkler System Tune-Up

  • Basic water-wise sprinkler systems:
    • Only water plants when needed;
    • Water during the night, preferably between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.
    • Avoid runoff and overspray; and
    • Turn-off automatic timers when rain is forecasted.
  • An irrigation system that has leaks, broken parts, or is not working properly can be the biggest water-waster of all.
  • Geysers resulting from broken sprinkler heads are obvious, but other symptoms might include water spraying on the street or sidewalk, swampy areas, or plants not performing well.
  • Check sprinkler heads and valves to see if they might be clogged, leaking, pushed too far in the ground, or tilted the wrong direction. Water pressure that is too low or too high may also cause problems, like spray not reaching far enough or blowing nozzles off.
  • Replace older irrigation systems with water-efficient models, like drip irrigation and weather-based controllers.

Free residential surveys are available to single-family customers looking to reduce outdoor water use. Surveys identify potential leaks, recommend water conserving devices, assess irrigation efficiency, and determine the proper landscape watering schedule. To request a survey, please visit WaterSmart Checkup website.

Sprinkler System Tune-Up
Sprinkler System Tune-Up