Shop Poway!


Why Does Shopping Poway Matters?

  • Poway is ranked as the safest city in San Diego County. That is only possible by investing city revenue in high quality fire protection and law enforcement. By ensuring a constant flow of sales tax resources we can ensure a safer community.
  • Investing in the quality of our business communities also helps to keep our economy strong – providing jobs and self-employment opportunities for our residents.
  • Having a strong economic base includes having businesses, and their employees, which also shop for local services and supplies.
  • Sales tax supports Poway's quality of life by providing high quality recreation programs, outdoor amenities, well maintained streets, performing arts programs, and open space.
  • Shopping Poway is more convenient than travelling out of town and that helps you save the environment.
  • Getting to know your local businesses helps to build a stronger community.

What YOU Can Do

Poway has one of the lowest sales tax rates in San Diego County, so it's a win-win when you buy local for purchases such as electronics and appliances. Poway retailers sell all major brand names of refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, cellular phones, video games, and computer tablets.

  • Consider making your major purchases like cars, motor homes, and off road vehicles from Poway dealerships.
  • Shop for sports equipment, tools, and toys at convenient Poway stores to make your life easier.
  • Fill your gas tank in Poway.
  • Search online for Poway shops and restaurants - just include "Poway" in your search.
  • Educate your friends and neighbors on how important it is to Shop Poway!