New Residents

Weekly trash and recycling collection is required in the City of Poway. All trash and recycling collection services are provided by EDCO Disposal. Please contact EDCO at 858-748-7769 to establish weekly service.

Waste Containers

Trash is collected in gray 95-gallon or 35-gallon "toter" containers. Recycling is collected in blue 64-gallon "toter" containers. Organic recycling, including green waste, food scraps and other organic material, is collected in green 95-gallon "toter" containers. All containers are delivered by EDCO. Customers may request additional recycling containers and up to two additional green waste containers at no extra charge. There is a fee for additional trash containers.

Courtesy Pickup of Cardboard for New Move-in Customers

EDCO Disposal will provide a one-time courtesy pick up of large quantities of cardboard (broken down moving boxes) for new move-in customers. Please call EDCO Disposal at 858-748-7769 to make arrangements for a courtesy pick up that will usually coincide with the 1st day of service.

Timing of Placement of Containers for Pickup

Trash and recycling toters and yard waste cannot be placed out any earlier than sunset of the day before collection and should be out by 7 a.m. on collection day. Toters must be removed from the place of collection no later than midnight of the day of collection. This is a City Code requirement, Poway Municipal Code Section 8.68.145.

EDCO Billing Cycle

EDCO Disposal directly bills customers bimonthly. Payment is due on the 20th of the 2nd month.

Automatic Payment

Contact EDCO Disposal at 858-748-7769 to obtain an authorization form for automatic payment or visit their website to fill out the form. In either case, a voided check is required to facilitate the automatic deductions.