Updated Operating Procedures

(updated 4/13/2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, City offices are currently closed to the public, however submittals can be made through the following procedures. To limit risk of potential COVID-19 contaminants on submitted documents, all submittals will be quarantined for two to three days after receipt. Please keep in mind that response time for reviews are expected to take longer than normal. Additional copies of documents may be requested to facilitate reviews by staff working remotely. 

Learn more about City of Poway COVID-19 Updates.

If you need an emergency building permit due to life or safety concerns, please call our building department at (858) 668-4644 and a representative will call you back as soon as possible. Roof-mount solar permits that require no plan check fee may be submitted via mail with a completed application and two sets of plans (permits will be issued via email). Over-the-counter permits for electrical, mechanical, plumbing and reroof permits may be submitted via mail with a completed application and applicable fee via check payable to City of Poway (permits will be issued via email). Resubmittals will be accepted via mail. For inspections, please contact (858) 668-4646 and follow the Building Field Inspection Protocol outlined below.

For other new submittals, send a copy of the completed application and a PDF of the plans (or link to a FTP site for downloading plans) to Andrea Palacios by email. The application will be reviewed by the Engineering and Planning Divisions for any additional items that need to be addressed prior to formal submittal of the permit. When no additional items remain for a full review, an email will be provided to the applicant from the Building Division with the applicable plan review fee. Then the completed application along with the requested hard copies of the plans and technical documents and applicable fee, via check payable to City of Poway, shall be mailed to the City at the following address:

Building Division, [Specify Permit #]
Development Services
13325 Civic Center Drive
Poway, CA 92064

For all other building inquiries, please contact our Building Division at (858) 668-4644 or at and a representative will respond to your inquiry.

Building Field Inspection Protocol 

  • Appointments will be coordinated as normal. Prior to the inspection, any interior inspections require the area of inspection to be sealed and vacated for a minimum 24-hour period prior to the inspection. Photographic evidence of the sealing shall be provided to the inspector and approved prior to appointment scheduling.

  • Special Instructions:

    • Only one point of communication with contractor or property owner during inspection is permitted. All other workers should remove themselves from the site during inspection.

    • Masks shall be used by all parties during the inspection.

    • A minimum six-foot social distancing shall be practiced during inspections.

    • The inspector may decline the inspection and remove themselves from the property if they believe that they may be exposed to someone that is sick.

    • When touching items touched by others:

      • Wear gloves when possible.

      • Disinfect items and surfaces.

      • Frequently wash hands, or if handwashing is not available sanitize hands.

Poway Building Services

The City’s Building Division provides plan check, permitting, and inspection for building-related activities within the City of Poway. The City contracts with EsGil Corporation to provide these services.

When contacting the Building Division, please include your name, address and daytime phone number, and provide as much information as possible relating to your question or request.

Green Building Standards for New Construction

The California Green Building Standards Code requires that new buildings in California be more energy efficient and environmentally responsible. The regulations will result in reductions in greenhouse gas emission, energy consumption, and water use. All new construction projects are required to comply with the Green Building standards.

Building Inspection

To request a building inspection, please call the automated line at 858-668-4646 and follow the instructions. Building inspections will be performed Monday through Friday, including the Fridays that City Hall is closed. For inspection requests received before 4 p.m., the inspection will be scheduled for the next business day, unless you request a different day in your message.

Permit Fees

Current fees for all building activity are listed in the City’s Master Fee Schedule (PDF) and Solar PV Fees Notice (PDF). Certain permits such as electrical or mechanical have a flat fee. Fees for construction of structures are based on valuation of construction type and use a valuation formula updated periodically from the Regional Chapter of the International Code Council.

Other Helpful Resources

Recent Building Permit Activity

Below are links to monthly building permit activity for the City of Poway. If you have any questions on this data, please contact the Building Division at 858-668-4645.