Rental Opportunities

Affordable Rental Housing

Poway's affordable rental housing developments are owned and operated by local nonprofit housing developers. The City of Poway and Poway Housing Authority are not directly involved in the leasing and management of these properties. For information about availability and eligibility requirements, please contact each affordable housing development directly. Please note that most of these developments have waiting lists due to high demand for affordable housing. Each of Poway's affordable housing developments participate in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.

Qualifying for Housing Assistance

The chart below provides the annual income limits for residents of Poway's affordable rental housing programs. Some affordable housing units are only offered to residents with low incomes, while others are also offered to those with moderate incomes.

Affordable Housing 2019*

Household Size80% AMI50% AMI30% AMI

*2019 Area Median Income (AMI) for San Diego is $86,300.