Regulatory Licenses

Apply for A Regulatory License

  1. City of Poway Online Services Website

    Use City of Poway Online Services to apply for:

    • Regulatory Licenses

Online Submissions are the fastest method to receive your Regulatory License, however you can apply in person or via mail with the forms below.

To submit in person or via mail:

  1. Complete the corresponding application
  2. Pay Fees – Regulatory License and $57* LiveScan Fee for each applicant on all new regulatory licenses.
    Payments may be made by Check or Money Order payable to the City of Poway
  3. Submit:

In person:

City of Poway
13325 Civic Center Drive
Poway, CA 92064

By mail:

City of Poway
Attn: Regulatory Licenses
PO Box 789
Poway, CA 92074

For new licenses, please contact the Business Licensing Division at the link below to schedule an appointment Live Scan.

Miscellaneous Information Form

To be completed by each Partner, Corporate Officer, and On-Site Manager.

License / Permit
Investigation Time
Initial Fee
Renewal Fee
State of CA Disability Access & Education Fee*
Amusement Establishments
30 Days

Bingo Licenses

  Bingo License (PDF)30 DaysAnnual$50$50  $4
30 DaysPer app$21$15

Carnival / Go-Cart Centers

10 Days5 days or less$217N/A
30 DaysAnnual$217$35

Dance License (PDF)

  Class A (daily / nightly)
30 DaysAnnual$259$77
  Class B (3 days / nights in any calendar week)
30 DaysAnnual$259$77
  Class C (1 day / night only)
30 Days1 day$259N/A
  Class D (fraternal, social club, etc.)
30 DaysAnnual$259$77
  Dance License - Juvenile
  Class A
30 DaysAnnual$259$77
  Class B
30 Days1 day$259N/A

Entertainment License (PDF)

  Class I (professionals)
30 DaysAnnual$259$77
  Class II (topless entertainment)
30 DaysAnnual$259$77
  Class III (non-professional)
30 DaysAnnual$259$77

Firearms Sales License (PDF)

30 DaysAnnual$457$275

Secondhand Dealers (PDF)

30 DaysAnnual$480$280

Sidewalk Vendor's License (PDF)

30 DaysAnnual$331$226$4

Solicitor's License - including food trucks (PDF)

30 DaysBiennial$50$20$4
30 DaysBiennial$50$20

Vehicle Storage/Auto Wrecking Yard/Junkyard

30 DaysAnnual$273$91

*As of January 1, 2018, a $4 State Disability Access and Education Fee is included in the fees above for all applicable initial and renewal fees for regulatory licenses.