Home Occupation Permits


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A business that is operated out of a residence in Poway requires a Home Occupation Permit. The city's municipal code requires that the business must be secondary to the primary use of the home as a residence. Other requirements are that the business cannot change the character of the building or neighborhood, and there can be no display, no stock-in-trade, no commodity sold on the premises, and no mechanical equipment used, except that necessary for housekeeping purposes. The Home Occupation Permit may be granted for a specific use if it meets the criteria listed on the application.


A letter was recently sent out to all existing Home Occupation Permit holders on record. If you are no longer operating a business from your home, please inform Customer Services via email or call 858-668-4401.


Initial application fee is $119. Biannual renewal fee is $24. These fees are non-refundable and include a $4 State Disability Access and Education fee

A City of Poway Home Occupation Permit protects the public interest, health, welfare, and safety by ensuring that all new and existing home occupations in the city are made aware of and conform to all city zoning, fire, and public safety ordinances, rules, and regulations. The home occupation permit fee recovers the administrative costs of processing the application for the issuance or renewal.

Forms of Payment Accepted

Credit cards are required for online applications or renewals. If applying in person, cash, checks, and money orders are accepted.


Each Home Occupation Permit Application is reviewed by Planning, Code Compliance, and Customer Services. The normal processing time is approximately 7-10 working days.

Change of Address, Owner, or Business Name

Home occupation permits are approved for a specific location, owner, and business name and are not transferable. If any of this information changes, a new application / permit is required. The fee is $116.

Location of Business

The City of Poway has established various zoning regulations that control the location and operation of home occupation permit activities. A brief check with the Planning Department staff before completing your application may prove to be very valuable. For more information, contact the City of Poway Planning Department at 858-668-4600.

Additional Information

An in-depth view of the City of Poway's home occupation permit rules and processing is available in the Poway Municipal Code Title 17.28.010 section. If you need additional information, please call 858-668-4401.