Once water leaves a house or business through the toilet, sink, or shower, it is called "wastewater." Poway operates a modern wastewater collection system that is comprised of various types of pipe, manholes, and lift stations to move wastewater through the system. Most of the system flows by gravity, finally exiting Poway into San Diego.

Most of Poway's wastewater is treated by the City of San Diego at their Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant.

A portion is treated at San Diego's recycled water facility and returned to Poway for landscape irrigation use in the South Poway Business Park.

Crew working on the Sewer Pipes

Men Working in a Manhole

Recycled Water Pumps

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater System Facts

  • About 1 billion gallons of wastewater flows through Poway's collection system each year.
  • Poway has 186 miles of plastic, cast iron, and clay pipe.
  • The city cleans over 400,000 feet of sewer pipe each year.
  • The city has an active FOG (fat, oil, grease) Program for commercial restaurant owners.
  • The city has an active inflow and infiltration program to identify leaks in our wastewater system.
  • The city has an active manhole rehabilitation system to repair manholes.
  • The city has an active sewer line video inspection program.
  • There are approximately 4,066 manholes in the collection system.

Sewer System Management Plan

The City of Poway transports wastewater through 186 miles of internal collection pipelines for eventual treatment by the City of San Diego or the City of Escondido. In an effort to manage the wastewater collection system effectively, a Sewer System Management Plan (PDF) was developed and approved by the City Council.  If you have questions regarding the wastewater system, please contact the Wastewater Utilities Supervisor at 858-668-4719.