Landlord / Tenant Support

When Issues Arise at Your Affordable Development
Poway affordable housing developments are independently owned and operated by non-profit developers, and offer residents the opportunity to provide feedback or express concerns. The on-site manager at each development will be most able to answer your question or respond to your concern quickly. Please refer to the Affordable Housing Contact Information (PDF) to find the manager for your housing development.

If the on-site manager is unable to address your concern, you will need to bring the matter to the attention of the asset manager responsible for the property on behalf of the owner / operator.

Fair Housing Program
The Federal Fair Housing Act and California State law protects your rights. Everyone should be able to rent or purchase a home as long as you qualify financially. No one may be denied housing based on his or her race, gender, nationality, religion, disability, marital or family status. Whether you are trying to rent, buy, sell or finance a home or if you are a tenant, homeowner or landlord, you need to know your rights and responsibilities.

The City of Poway participates in a Fair Housing Program provided by the County of San Diego through a contract with North County Lifeline. Fair housing counselors at North County Lifeline can answer questions for both landlords and tenants about fair housing laws and requirements. North County Lifeline also provides mediation services to help resolve conflicts if needed.
  • North County Lifeline: 866-954-3354
    • For English: Kelly Mathews, ext. 6226
    • Para Español: Maria Ochoa, ext. 6232
Additional Information
Organizations Providing Information and Services to Landlords and Tenants
AIDS Legal Clinic 
619-235-5656, ext. 106 
Heartland Human Relations 
Legal Aid Society
Neighborhood House
North County Lifeline 760-726-4900
Tenant Legal Center of San Diego
The National Conflict Resolution Center
619-238-2400, ext. 213
760-494-4728, ext. 213