Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing in Poway

The Poway Housing Authority provides the community with a variety of housing options, including high-quality, multi-family and single-family homes affordable to very low, low and moderate income households. Since 1983, the former Poway Redevelopment Agency and Poway Housing Authority have developed or facilitated the rehabilitation of 852 affordable living spaces in the community.

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Why Poway Builds Affordable Housing

Providing quality affordable workforce housing is a priority for the City of Poway. It helps keep families together and ensures local businesses have a base of talented employees to draw from. The resident service programs provided at each development encourage upward mobility and enable residents to save for higher education and/or homeownership. Additionally, all cities in California are required to plan for sufficient affordable housing based on State law and an associated plan known as the Housing Element.

The Housing Element ensures there is enough land that is properly zoned to accommodate housing needs throughout the State. Cities that do not comply with Housing Element requirements risk losing local control of development through State-enforced zoning.

Affordable Housing Database

The Affordable Housing Database (PDF) is a list of properties that were built or purchased in Poway with Affordable Housing Funds. These properties are located throughout the community, many of which have been recognized for incorporation of the latest energy and water saving technologies available.

Housing Authority Annual Reporting

Pursuant to Health and Safety Code Sections 34176 and 34176.1(f) (Dissolution Law), each year the Poway Housing Authority (Housing Successor) must prepare a report regarding the Low and Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund (LMIHAF) which details the Housing Successor's activities during the prior fiscal year. View the most recent annual report.

Redevelopment & Housing Implementation Plans

Prior to dissolution of the former Poway Redevelopment Agency (Agency), the Agency was required to prepare a Redevelopment and Housing Implementation Plan (Implementation Plan) every five years that described the Agency's goals and objectives, planned project and programs, estimated expenditures, and its low- and moderate-income housing production plan. The Implementation Plan also outlined how the Agency would eliminate blighting conditions identified in the Redevelopment Plan. The most recent Implementation Plan was approved prior to the Agency's dissolution for the period January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2014.

2010 to 2014 Redevelopment and Housing Implementation Plan (PDF)

2005 to 2009 Redevelopment and Housing Implementation Plan (PDF)

1993 to 1998 Redevelopment and Housing Implementation Plan (PDF)