Pay Parking Tickets

Customer Services accepts payment of fines for parking citations issued by the Poway Sheriff’s Department during normal business hours. Only cash, money orders and checks are accepted. The City of Poway cannot accept payment for moving violations (e.g., speeding, running a red light, etc.) Within 21 days of issuance of a parking citation in the City of Poway, the registered owner or lessee of the vehicle shall pay the parking penalty or submit an appeal. Only City of Poway parking citation payments can be settled at City of Poway offices. 

Pay Parking Ticket

Pay Online

Online payments can be made by going to: Citation Processing Center

Pay by Mail

Send the notice of parking violation, the proof of correction (if applicable) and the proper amount of penalty by check or money order (do not use cash) payable to:

Citation Processing Center
PO Box 10479
Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479

Pay in Person

Payments can be made in person at the Customer Services counter at Poway City Hall:

13325 Civic Center Drive
Poway, CA 92064

There will be a $25 service charge for all returned checks.

Appeal a Parking Ticket

Within 21 days of issuance of a parking citation in the City of Poway, the registered owner or lessee of the vehicle shall pay the parking penalty or complete and submit a Request for Administrative Review (PDF) form.

 Request for Administrative Review

To have the parking citation reviewed, please visit Citation Processing Center. All appeals must be requested through the online portal.

Once the request is received, the Assistant City Manager will review your request and notify you of the outcome.

Failure to Respond

Failure to postmark a response to this notice will result in penalties as follows:

  • 21 calendar days will result in a delinquency notice mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • 30 calendar days will cause the penalty amount to be doubled (except handicapped violations).
  • 45 calendar days will result in an additional penalty and the information will be forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV will not renew registration of the vehicle until all outstanding fees have been paid in full.

Vehicles with 5 or more outstanding citations may be impounded or immobilized at the owner’s expense pursuant to CVC 22651(i). Vehicles with registration expired over 6 months may be impounded pursuant to CVC 22651(o). The DMV may also refuse to renew the registered owner’s driver’s license until all unpaid fines and penalties are paid pursuant to CVC 12808.1.

Proof of Correction - Registration & Equipment Violations

After correcting the violation, have a sworn law enforcement officer or DMV personnel complete a proof of correction. The fine will be reduced to $10 for each equipment or registration violation if the violation is corrected within 30 days. No reduction will occur beyond 30 days. Proof of correction must be mailed in with the fine amount.

Disabled Person Zone Violation

If a handicapped violation citation (22507.8 CVC) is issued when a lawfully-issued handicapped placard is not properly displayed, the issuing agency may have the original fine suspended subject to payment of a $25 administrative fee of. Documentation including placard, placard registration paperwork, vehicle registration, and personal identification should be uploaded via the review request process at the Citation Processing Center (as shown above in the section “Request for Administrative Review”). Or, you may bring the required documentation to the Customer Services counter at Poway City Hall.

Parking Tickets From Poway High School

If the parking ticket was issued by Poway High School, we can accept payment at Customer Services. However, if you wish to dispute the citation, you must do so through the Discipline Office at Poway High School.