City Council Citizen Participation

Addressing the Council
Anyone wishing to address the City Council under public oral communications or on an agenda item should complete a speaker slip. Slips are located in the lobby of the Council Chambers. Indicate the number of the agenda item you are interested in and whether or not you wish to speak. Also, indicate whether you are in support or opposition of the staff recommendation on the item.

The staff recommendation can be found on the agenda available online and in the lobby of the Council Chambers on the day of the meeting. Submit your slip to the City Clerk or City Clerk’s Office staff prior to the beginning of the Council meeting, or before the item is to be heard.

When addressing the City Council, please step to the lectern and clearly state your name for the record. There is a time limit of three minutes, unless the Mayor has authorized additional time in advance. Groups should appoint a spokesperson. Please limit your comments to points not made by previous speakers.

Public Oral Communications
This section of the meeting is set aside to give the public an opportunity to speak on any city-related item, which does not appear on the agenda. State law prohibits the City Council from taking action on items not listed on the agenda. Your concerns will be referred to staff and, if appropriate, they will prepare a report for a future Council agenda or send a letter of reply.

Consent Calendar
The Consent Calendar is a grouping of routine matters to be acted on in one motion. These items will receive no separate discussion unless pulled off the consent calendar by the public, staff or a City Council member. If you wish to discuss any item listed under the consent calendar, you may complete a speaker slip and give it to the City Clerk prior to the beginning of the City Council meeting. Any items pulled will be discussed.

Public Hearings
A public hearing is an open consideration within the regular City Council meeting for which special notice has been given through legal advertising and, if appropriate, mailed to property owners.

Staff Reports

Items listed under Staff Reports receive separate discussion by City Council and staff. The public may request to speak by handing in a speaker slip to the City Clerk prior to the item’s consideration.

Items presented under Workshop provide staff the opportunity to present a topic to the City Council and the Council is able to comment and discuss in the open forum. Once discussed, the Council may give direction to staff. For more information regarding City Council Meetings and addressing Council at the meetings, refer to the Poway Municipal Code Chapter 2.18 available in the City Clerk’s Office.