Playground Renovation

Construction on the all-abilities, adventure-themed playground renovation at Lake Poway has begun. The project will replace the upper playground (next to the Pavilion building) and received unanimous approval at the Feb. 21 Poway City Council meeting

Community Services Director Audrey Denham said that the goal was to create a safe space where kids can develop social, emotional, and physical skills. 

Special Projects Engineer Jeff Beers said that the new playground incorporates activities inspired by the lake, with natural colors that reflect Poway’s largest regional park. Shade sails will cover over half the playground, in addition to natural shade provided by trees, to ensure the playground is enjoyable even during warmer weather.

In the area for younger children, there is a boat that is American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible by wheelchair and a dock. It has play elements to represent the trees surrounding the playground and rocks of Mt. Woodson. It has a snack bar/bait shop made to look like the concession building at the lake, where kids can pretend to purchase snack and fishing tackle.

The play area for older children includes two towers with cork-screw slides, and elements that allow kids to choose different levels of difficulty. There is a log slide, stacked stump steps and a balancing leaf wobble board.

The city received a grant from the California State Department of Parks and Recreation to pay for a portion of the construction costs. To meet the terms of the grant, construction on the playground is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The lower playground (closer to the park entrance) will remain open.

Lake Poway playground renovation ADA ramp and parking spot

September 2023: Features that will improve access are underway, including constructing a new American with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking stall that will connect to the ADA accessible pathway and ramp that leads to the new play equipment. 

Lake Poway playground renovation shade sail at playground

September 2023: Posts for the playground’s shade sails are being placed, to safeguard both visitors and the equipment from the sun.

workers placing boulders at playground

August 2023: Boulders were positioned along what will become an accessible pathway and ramp leading to one of the new play structures to be installed at the playground. 

August 2023: Grading. Once grading is complete, the next step is curbing and posts for the shade structure.

Lake Poway playground demolition

July 2023: Demolition underway. The contractor is clearing and preparing the upper playground area for future construction. 

Lake Poway playground renonvation

June 2023: Temporary fencing was set up around the Lake Poway Upper Playground.