Emergency Key Access - Knox Box

What is the Knox Box Program?

The Knox Box program provides the Poway Fire Department with a quick and easy means to access a secured building or area during an emergency. It also minimizes potential costly repairs caused by forcible entry and allows the building to be re-secured quickly and easily.

How to Order a Knox Box or Gate Key Switch 

**Before Gate Key Switch installation, contact the City of Poway Building Department at (858) 668-4644 to see if a permit is required.

1. Go to www.knoxbox.com and click on ‘Choose your local fire department agency’ 

2. A box will pop up asking for your State and City. Please select California and type Poway. Click Search. 

3. Select either Gate access for Police & Fire if you need a gate key switch or select Boxes if you are looking for Commercial Knox  Boxes. 

4. (a) Gate Key Switches - Click on Buy in the upper righthand corner. Click on Gate Key Switches and Padlocks. There will only be one product available. Click on View or (b) Commercial Knox Boxes – Click on Buy in the upper righthand corner. Select Commercial Knox Boxes. 

5. Continue following the instructions for ordering. For ordering support call: 800-552-5669