Zoom Meeting Help Information

Zoom Video Communications will be used to enable two-way audio for public meetings until further notice. It is recommended that participants sign-on 15 minutes in advance to join the meeting and establish their audio call. 

Installing Zoom

It will be helpful to install the Zoom app on your device or computer in advance.

  • Go to poway.org/meeting
  • You will be prompted to install Zoom
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app and join the meeting.

Testing Audio

  • You will have a choice to join audio using computer audio (speakers and mic) or a phone call.
  • We recommend that you call one of the phone numbers that Zoom will list for you when you join the meeting.
  • Make sure to view from a quiet room if you wish to speak. 

The following screenshots show where to click to continue the installation on a few common browsers.

Google Chrome

Install Zoom on Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Install Zoom on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Install Zoom on Microsoft Edge