Zoom Meeting Help Information

Zoom Video Communications will be used to enable two-way audio for public meetings until further notice. It is recommended that participants sign-on 15 minutes in advance to join the meeting and establish their audio call. 

Installing Zoom

It will be helpful to install the Zoom app on your device or computer in advance.

  • Go to poway.org/meeting
  • You will be prompted to install Zoom
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app and join the meeting.  See below for help installing on different browsers.

Testing Audio

  • You will have a choice to join audio using computer audio (speakers and mic) or a phone call.
  • Make sure to view from a quiet room if you wish to speak.
  • If calling by phone
    • Join the meeting online and call one of the phone numbers that Zoom will list for you when you join the meeting.
    • Make sure to enter the Meeting ID & Participant ID when prompted.  See screenshot below.
Zoom Participant ID

Please note that only audio, and not video, will allowed to be shared during council meetings.  When you join the meeting via computer, a staff member will chat with you to determine if you wish to speak on an agenda item.  There is also an option to "raise hand" to indicate you wish to speak and you will be called on at the appropriate time.  If only connected via phone, you can "raise hand" by pressing *9 on your phone.

You can watch the video below for additional assistance joining and configuring audio.  

Installing Zoom

The following screenshots show where to click to continue the installation on a few common browsers.

Google Chrome

Install Zoom on Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Install Zoom on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Install Zoom on Microsoft Edge