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Lake Poway Fish Report
July 20 to August 1
Posted Date: 8/1/2012
Fish Report

Teen Catfish-O-Rama Fishing Derby on August 17!
Come and join us for the Teen Catfish-O-Rama, (ages 11-17) at Lake Poway, on Friday August 17, from 3:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Final weigh-in will be at 9:00 p.m. followed shortly after by an awards ceremony for the top three fish in the two age divisions (ages 11-13 and 14-17). A Lake Poway fishing permit is all that is required and half day boat rentals will begin at 3:00 p.m. for participants only. This event occurs during normal Lake Poway operations and all other half day boat rentals will begin at 4:00 p.m. Participants 15 and under must be accomppanied by an adult while using a boat. This nighttime catfish tournament promises to be filled with lots of big fish, fun, and great prizes!

Lake Poway Concession- Request for Proposals (RFP)
The City of Poway Community Services Department is now accepting proposals for operation of the Lake Poway Concession, located at 14656 Lake Poway Road. The City desires to contract directly with an operator who will be the sole and exclusive onsite seller of food and beverages; bait and tackle; general and recreational merchandise; and boating and fishing permits at the Lake Poway Recreation Area. The City will consider terms other than those included in the current agreement and is seeking an experienced operator who can meet the demands of this family-oriented, multi-use recreation area. All proposals are due to the City of Poway no later than 4:00 p.m. on August 24, 2012.  

RFP documents can be obtained at, under the Business Dropdown, Bids and Contracts. If you have questions, please contact Belinda Romero, Community Services Manager, at (858) 668-4691 or via email at

Night Fishing Every Friday and Saturday Night Through September 8!
This season Lake Poway will be stocking 9,250 pounds of catfish and will be offering night fishing every Friday and Saturday night beginning July 6 and ending September 8. The stocking schedule is listed below or for more information call (858) 668-4772.

Beginning June 1 Lake Poway's Summer Hours will be 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Beginning July 1 All Youth 7 and Under Must be in Possession of a Fishing Permit.
Children 7 years of age and under are still Free when fishing with an adult possesing an adult fishing permit. One limit of fish to one paid adult permit still applies.


Tyler Liven 3 Pound Catfish Stink Bait Boulder Bay

Tyler Liven, Poway
3 Pound Channel Catfish
Stink Bait in Boulder Bay



Lake Record:
17 pounds 14 ounces
Mike Long, 1999


We will have another 1,500 pounds of catfish delivered this Friday, August 3! The waters should be reinvigorated and an awesome Friday and Saturday of nightfishing should be in store! The last two weekends have been awesome for some anglers and not so awesome for others--but that's fishing I guess. The key is finding the right spot and using the right bait and for tips on that read the Catfish Report below.

Some trout are still being caught on mackerel, so just throw in a line and hold on tight! Between Big Bass, Monster Cats, and Tailwalking Trout you never know what will bite in the night!

Trends: The panfish are biting on the Fishing Float on meal worms and there are some monsters swimming around down there! It seems that from the North Shore to Half Moon Bay are the productive shoreline spots for catfish this week.  Although mackerel is the most consistent, shrimp is really producing a lot of limits. Try dipping some shrimp in stinkbait and see what bites!

North Shore: Catfish and Bass have been caught here this week. The best place for the cats is by the concrete pillar.

Half Moon Bay: Starting to become a catfish and bass favorite. Reports of limits of catfish caught all throughout Half Moon during night fishing.

Fish Float: Great for catfish especially in early morning, late afternoon, and night fishing. The bluegill and sunfish are also biting on meal worms for young anglers.

Jump Off Point: Productive for catfish but the best time is after sunset on Friday and Saturday night.

Boulder Bay: Catfish are biting quite well in the afternoon and evening.

Hidden Bay: Catfish are biting really well here, especially at the opening of the Bay. Bass and pan fish are also stacked up and ready to bite!

Bucktail Bay: Some Catfish and Bass caught this week. The bass were close to shore and soft plastics were the bait of choice.

Tip 1: Panfish really love meal worms and the best places are in Hidden Bay and on the Fishing Float.

Tip 2: For catfish use frozen mackerel, chicken liver or shrimp on the bottom in deep water. From the shore target places like the end of the Fishing Float, Boulder Bay, the middle of Hidden Bay, Pine Point, Bucktail Bay, and by the concrete pillar on the North Shore.


Lake Records:
Blue Catfish - 34 pounds 8 ounces, Scott Marchese, 2008
Channel Catfish - 28 pounds, Richard Kolas, 1981


The last two weekends of night fishing have been very productive for some anglers and not as productive for others. It seems that you just have to find that right spot and dangle the the right bait in front of our whiskered friends to get results--and dinner!

The fishermen that have had the most results have been on the shoreline, fishing next to the concrete pillar on the North Shore, between the start of the fishing zone and the Fishing Float, the Fishing Float, the corner of Half-Moon Bay and in Boulder Bay.

Boaters have found success on both ends of the Log Boom, anchored in deep water past the buoys by the Boat Dock (in the legal zone, and please do not cast towards dock), and anchored close to the mouth of Hidden Bay and in Boulder Bay.

Mackerel, Shrimp, and Chicken Liver are still the baits of choice, but read below for a suprise bait you probably haven't thought of!

New Trend: The corner of Half Moon Bay has done very well over the past two weekends and limits have been caught.

Suprise Bait You Should Think About Trying:  Bacon. I know, it sounds weird but it has been working for some. It definitely has a smell and it is oily. I have caught numerous catfish on hotdogs and bacon definitely has more oil than a dog.


Lake Records:
Sunfish - 2 pounds 4 ounces, Zach Greim, 2006
Bluegill - 2 pounds 8 ounces, Deadre McCullough, 2002


Sunfish and Bluegill have started biting off of the fishing float. The best bait has been meal worms on a small hook.


Lake Record:
18 pounds 1 ounce
Mike Long, 2002


Note: This is not a requirement but we would like to ask that if you catch a female bass during this spawn season you please release her back into the Lake.

The water temperature is around 77 degrees and there are signs of bass chasing the shad at the surface. Look for the top water bite to pick up in the next few weeks. Jerk baits and flukes are also beginning to pick up fish.

The rockpile off of the Log Boom and Jump Off Point have been producing some nice fish as well as fishing the structure on the back shoreline. Just bust out your favorite swimbait or dropshot some plastic and give it a try!

Tip: Find a rock pile or similar structure from shore or boat in 10-50 feet of water. Work a swimbait or soft plastic (worm, crawdad) slowly and have patience. The big ones are down there and they are hungry!

Note: No outside live bait is allowed! If our concessions doesn't have shiners or crawdads in stock you can't bring your own!


  1. June 8 1,500 pounds
  2. June 22 1,000 pounds
  3. July, 6 1,500 pounds
    Night Fishing Begins July 6!!!
  4. July 20 1,250 pounds
  5. August 3 1,500 pounds
  6. August 17 1,000 pounds
  7. August 31 1,500 pounds
    Total Stock Amount--9,250 Pounds!
    Night Fishing Ends September 8

Fishing Requirements

A State of California Fishing License is no longer required to fish at Lake Poway.

Each angler is allowed to use a maximum of two rods.

The trout limit is now 4 trout.

Mandatory Catch & Release on bass during March, April & May

All anglers require a daily fishing permit to fish.

All permits can be purchased at the Lake Poway Grill & Tackle.

You must carry your permit with you at all times.

Shad can only be caught using a dip net.


Quagga Mussels

In order to protect the integrity of the Lake Poway and surrounding water systems the following restrictions are now in effect.
The following items are prohibited at Lake Poway:

·Float tubes

·Private motors and anchors

·Live Bait Containers

·Fish Finders

·Floating Catch Baskets

·Live Bait (shiners, crawdads, etc.) from any source other than the Lake Poway Concession

Any other items, determined by Staff, to be potential contaminants


Park Ranger Office: (858) 668 - 4772