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Poway Announces Appointment of John French as Administrative Services Director
Posted Date: 11/4/2010

Poway, CA – The City of Poway is proud to announce the appointment of John French to the position of Administrative Services Director beginning November 29, 2010. Mr. French earned an undergraduate degree in Accounting, as well as a Masters in Public Administration from California State University, Stanislaus. With over 20 years of municipal experience, John has held the positions of Administrative Services Director for the City of Atwater, California, and also served as the City Manager for the City of Newman, California. His experience includes budget development and oversight, investment management, water utilities, strategic planning, labor negotiations, housing, risk management, and bond financing.

Mr. French states, “I am looking forward to joining Poway’s excellent management team, and working for a healthy and vibrant community.”

The Poway Administrative Services Department provides a range of vital services, including:

• Preparing and maintenance of annual balanced budgets, with a focus on maintaining the City’s financial viability;
• Forecasting economic trends and future City revenues;
• Efficient administration of water and sewer billing and meter reading;
• Administration of municipal insurance and risk management; and
• Maintenance and moving forward of the City’s Information Technology infrastructure.

Poway City Manager Penny Riley said, “John French brings the full range of personal and professional skills and experience needed to steer Administrative Services into the future. We believe John will offer the Department excellent leadership and management to make an already strong department even better.” The annual salary range for the position of Administrative Services Director is $128,492 - $156,182.

Contact:  Eric Heidemann
              Legislative Administrator
              (858) 668-4500