City of Poway

green and white succulent Landscaping Resources: Download the City of Poway’s Plantastic Possibilities brochure, or find other resources for California Friendly landscaping.
full backyard Six Steps to a California Friendly Garden: Get advice from Nan Stern, one of California’s leading gurus for water conservation gardening, on how to change your yard to California Friendly landscape.
spinkler and lawn Sprinkler System Tune-Up: Learn tips to help cut back your water consumption by making some simple changes to your sprinkler system.
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after picture

Debbie, a Poway resident, recently made changes to her landscape. She and her family took out 2,500 square feet of grass this past December and installed water-wise landscaping. Debbie says, "We like the yard MUCH BETTER than when we had grass. We have cut our water use tremendously and everything is SO much easier."


Last updated: 3/27/2014 9:18:42 AM