Expected Study Results

Poway Road Corridor Study (PRCS) Report

This report will summarize existing conditions and make recommendations regarding future land use, pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile mobility, development types and patterns, landscape design options, lighting, way-finding signage, and public improvements.

​Poway Road Specific Plan Amendment

The PRCS will identify potential land use changes and zoning regulation amendments to implement the goals of the corridor.  A key portion of the study will include an evaluation of the potential for mixed-use development in the "Town Center" area.  The Town Center is an area within the corrido envisioned to have a concentrated development of commercial and residential uses and public spaces.  The specific plan amendment will address land use, zoning (development criteria), Town Center concept recommendations, and design alternatives.

Complete Streets Report

The components of transportation and mobility will be summarized into Complete Streets Report.  This is required to meet all regional and State guidelines.  Recommendations and implementation strategies to enhance the movement of pedestrians, bicycles, public transit and vehicles in the corridor will be included in this report.

Economic and Market Analysis and Implementation Strategy

As part of the overall study, MIG will conduct an economic/market analysis and produce recommendations on the appropriate mix of uses and an implementation strategy to stimulate new development within the Poway Road Corridor.  The report will recommend actions the City can take to maximize land use and economic opportunities, which will be based on projected market supply/demand conditions and economic forecasts.