1. Bids & RFPs

  2. Boards & Committees

    Find meeting and membership information along with agendas and minutes for city boards and committees.

  3. City Financial Information

    Access annual budgets and financial reports.

  4. Code of Ethics

    The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to set a standard of conduct for all elected officials, officers, employees, members of committees and commissions and volunteers for the City of Poway.

  5. Council Meetings and Agendas

  1. Economic Development News

    Economic Development News will keep you informed of interesting state and federal programs designed to aid California businesses, provide business spotlights highlighting interesting businesses in our community, include links to important economic development websites, and feature select commercial, retail, and industrial real estate opportunities in our city.

  2. Forms

    See a list of important forms.

  3. General Plan

    The city's General Plan is divided into 6 master elements: Community Development, Public Facilities, Transportation, Resources, Public Safety and Housing.

  4. Municipal Code

    View the City of Poway Municipal Code online.

  5. Public Works Services List

    View a list of services provided by the Public Works Department.