Within 21 days of issuance of a parking citation in the City of Poway, the registered owner or lessee of the vehicle shall pay the parking penalty or complete and submit a Request for Administrative Review form (PDF)

Request for Administrative Review
To have the parking citation reviewed, print the Request for Administrative Review form (PDF) and send it along with a copy of the parking citation by:
  • Mail to:
    Poway Fire Department
    P. O. Box 789
    Poway, CA 92074-0789
  • Email
  • Dropping it off at the 2nd floor of the Poway Fire Department (13050 Community Road) or to the Customer Services Department at City Hall (13325 Civic Center Drive)
Once the form is received, the Director of Safety Services will review your request and notify you by mail of the outcome.

Pay Parking Citation

Complete information can be found on the City Services Parking Citation page.