Information for Businesses

  1. Fire & Life Safety Checklist

    By following these self-inspection guidelines, you can decrease the chances that a fire will destroy your business. These fire safety inspections focus on maintaining a safe work environment and keeping your business in business!

  2. Fraud Awareness

    The city wants to be certain that business owners are aware of unsolicited inspections regarding fire protection systems and areas related to fire safety.

  3. Permit Process

    The City of Poway Fire Department requires and issues permits for a variety of business activities, construction work, operations, practices, or functions.

  4. Plan Check Information

    See examples of types of plans that need to be submitted to either the Development Services Department or the Fire Department.

  5. Rack Storage Requirements

    All rack storage 8 feet and higher requires a permit through the City of Poway Building Department prior to installation.

  6. Tent / Canopy Information

    View tent / canopy guidelines and access the submittal form.

  7. Electrical Fire Hazard Information

    Information on electrical fire hazard