Best Management Practices

  1. BMP Design Manual

  2. Concrete & Mortar Projects

    This information is for do-it-yourself remodelers, masons and bricklayers, contractors and anyone else who uses concrete or mortar to complete a construction project.

  3. Home Repair & Remodeling

    Stormwater pollution comes from a variety of sources including oil, fuel and fluids from vehicles and heavy equipment, and from materials such as concrete and mortar from construction activities.

  4. Horses & Livestock

    Horses and livestock wastes are among the many common storm water pollutants that can degrade water quality.

  5. Industrial & Commercial BMPs

    Your business is required to prevent urban runoff pollution by implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs).

  6. Power Washing

    Wash water from power washing activities may contain significant quantities of oil, grease, chemicals, dirt, and detergents that could end-up in our creeks, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Disposing of these materials into storm drains causes serious ecological problems — and is prohibited by law.

  7. Restaurants

    Restaurants contribute to storm water pollution through improper cleaning practices that allow food particles, oil, grease, trash and cleaning products to flow into the street, gutter or storm drain. These discharges pollute our creeks, rivers and ocean and are prohibited by law.