2011 Business Summit & Online Survey
In 2011, the City of Poway held a Business Summit for members of the local business community at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Poway to provide a forum to discuss city services and communications, business-to-business opportunities, marketing, and training and networking strategies. The event was an opportunity for local business leaders to provide direct feedback to the city in an effort to strengthen Poway's pro-business environment.

The top 3 ideas and suggestions provided by local business leaders per the feedback received through the Poway Business Summit and online business survey were:
  • A need for better and more consistent communication between the city and businesses, including the streamlining of city permit processing
  • A desire for an online directory of local businesses that could help with marketing efforts and facilitate business-to-business opportunities
  • A suggestion to review the city's sign ordinance and make changes as appropriate
The results of the online business survey revealed that business leaders ranked Poway's business climate very highly. When asked about major business challenges, overriding themes included the current economy, challenges with marketing their businesses (specifically to the Poway Business Park), and recruitment of qualified employees.

The city will partner with the Poway Chamber of Commerce to complete a series of focus group meetings with Poway businesses over the next 2 months. The city is also working with California State San Marcos to complete an online directory of Poway businesses and a business cluster study that will identify significant groupings of similar businesses in the city.

Summit Survey Results March 2011 (PDF)

Business Study Looks at Connections Between Businesses in Poway
Through a long-standing partnership with California State University San Marcos, the City of Poway recently sponsored a team of undergraduate Business Administration program students to enhance businesses' connections in the City of Poway and encourage more local purchasing of goods and services. The team gathered information on Poway businesses during the 4-month study and helped create a robust database of businesses located within the city. The team also surveyed select businesses to determine how many are purchasing goods and services locally and made recommendations as to how the data could be best used by the city and local business leaders.

Poway 2011 Business Connections Study (PDF)

Shuttle Study Looks at Connections to Poway Business Park
Through a long-standing partnership with California State University San Marcos, the City of Poway recently sponsored a team of 5 undergraduate Business Administration program students to analyze the feasibility of launching a shuttle to connect the Poway Business Park with businesses along Poway Road. The team assessed demand during the 4-month study by gathering 246 surveys from 36 businesses in the Business Park area and conducting numerous interviews with local business leaders. The goal was to increase tax revenues while reducing automotive traffic along Poway Road.

While the study results showed the costs associated with running a shuttle outweigh the projected sales tax revenues to be gained, it also suggested that the current "Shop Poway" campaign is moving in the right direction by providing discount cards at local businesses.

Shuttle Study (PDF)

City Conducts Shopping Habits Survey
In an effort to assess local retail, service, and dining trends, the City of Poway teamed up with the California State University San Marcos School of Business last fall to conduct a local shopping habits survey.

In October 2007, surveys containing questions about household shopping habits were mailed to 7,500 Poway households and were also available on the city's website. The community response was overwhelming and provided valuable insight about local shopping and dining patterns, businesses that residents would like to have in Poway, and what might be done to promote the purchase of local goods and services whenever possible.

The survey results will be used by the city for future economic development activities and the "Poway - Your First Choice" campaign the city is undertaking in conjunction with the Poway Chamber of Commerce. For more information, please contact the city's Economic Development Division at 858-668-4561.

Shopping Habits Survey (PDF)