Holistic Health Practitioner

The City of Poway allows Holistic Health Practitioners with proper credentials to register with the City of Poway. A Holistic Health Practitioner may be exempt from the practical and physical examination and fingerprinting. 

Apply in Person

You may apply in person during normal business hours by bringing the following to the Customer Services Division at City Hall:
  • Completed Holistic Health Practitioner application (PDF)
  • 2 copies of California Driver's License or California ID Card
  • A copy of diploma and transcript from state-accredited school of massage verifying 1,000 hours of training
  • Proof of membership in a state or nationally chartered holistic organization
  • 2 passport quality photographs
  • A registration fee of $15 (cash or check only - credit cards are not accepted)

Once all information is received and approved, the applicant will receive a letter from the City of Poway acknowledging the registration of the individual.