Public Works

  1. Hazardous Waste & Recycling

    Solid waste, household hazardous waste, and recycling programs are provided locally or through regional cooperative efforts.

  2. Landscape Maintenance Districts

    The Public Works Department administers special benefit assessment districts for traffic signals, street lighting and landscaping.

  3. Parks, Trails & Open Space Maintenance

    The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of all public parks, trails and open space.

  4. Service List

    View a list of services provided by the Public Works Department.

  5. Sewer

    Poway operates a modern wastewater collection system that is comprised of various types of pipe, manholes, and lift stations to move wastewater through the system.

  6. Storm Water & Flood Control

    The Storm Water and Flood Control Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of drainage facilities in the right-of-way and in the improved channels dedicated to the City of Poway.

  7. Street Maintenance

    The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance and repair functions for 165 miles of roads and rights-of-way.

  8. Sustainability

    Sustainability is a general concept used to describe a community that considers the long-term effects of its decisions on future generations and the natural world.

  9. Trash & Recycling Collection

    Weekly trash and recycling collection is required in the City of Poway. All trash and recycling collection services are provided by EDCO Disposal.

  10. Urban Forestry

    Trees are an important resource in our community. The city practices urban forestry principles for planting, trimming, and removing trees.

  11. Volunteer Opportunities

    The City of Poway has a variety of opportunities to assist in maintaining our beautiful trails, open space and parks.

  12. Water

    Poway operates a modern water treatment and distribution system.

  13. Water Conservation

    On April 1, 2014, the City Council of the City of Poway declared a Level 1 Water Shortage Watch. Water customers are urged to use water wisely, and to use the following recommended water use efficiency measures.

  14. FAQs

    Find the Public Works Department's most frequently asked questions and their answers.

  15. Contact Us

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